“UGANDANS AT HEART “(UAH), is a free-to-join, non-profit making ...e-mail discussion forum that is secular, intellectual and non-aligned politically, culturally or religiously with over 200,000 members worldwide. It was started in 2007 and it is devoted to matters of interest to Ugandans and East Africans. People from Uganda have scattered to countries around the world. Most of the Ugandans in Diaspora like to maintain their African connections and values.

At UAH, we discuss political, social, economic, technological and healthy issues affecting Uganda as a nation. We’ve entered the political discussions to restore liberty and Uganda values. Through enlightening, we believe we can make the population aware that it is them -not the government-to decide on how to run their life, cheque book, retirement, education, and family.The overall goal of UAH is to empower Ugandans and shift power from the leaders to the people themselves or communities. Potter(1988) identified five factors which must be addressed if this goal is to be achieved: access, choice, information, redress and representation. We are equating the people here to consumers of products. UAH is therefore trying as much as possible to give information to Ugandans to help them make better independent choices.
Objectives of the ‘UAH’

To promote better acquaintance, understanding, friendship and cooperation among Ugandans all over the world.
To act as a link between Ugandans abroad and Ugandans at home.