Friendly Couponers

This is the place to be!! This is a great group to show your hauls. To post deals ect. To ask questions!! And we are ------------------------
FRIENDLY COUPONERS!! so if you have questions feel free to ask!' No post is to big or to small and no question is stupid-- so ask away!! Also don't feel like you can't post a haul in fear you didn't do it right or afraid someone will say you could have done better!! We are all learning and saving, any amount money is better then walking out paying full retail!! Plus even if you did something backwards or missed a Coupon don't stress, these deals will always come around again!! Chalk it up and try again!! If you know the answer to someone's question feel free to answer if your not sure then just say I am not sure but here is how I do it-- don't be afraid to answer someone!! Also keep in mind all stores don't things the same unfortunately so while one Walmart took a coupon the other one right down the road may give you trouble!! If you are completely new and lost I am trying to figure a system out to get you started!! For now I will post things that will help you!! If you are a seasoned couponer or in the middle somewhere ( not a newbie but not seasoned) please help me if you have ideas and suggestions for new couponer's !! I think that's all !! So let's post deals,hauls and get this thing going!!