8BitRat's Classic & New Video Game Trader TEXAS

8BitRat Consoles was started in Aug 2014 with the idea of being a community driven project. The site is currently under construction but should be updated soon.

This group was created for people who enjoy the hunt. Its purpose is to provide a place for all Texas traders to buy, sell, trade, or donate games, game systems or game related items.

You are welcome to post any of the following:
- Any video game related items for sale or trade
- Any classic electronics
- Any classic TV sets
- Gaming inspired items (Furniture, art, etc.)
- Games related questions for other members
- ISO posts
- Pretty much anything game related lol

The Rules: (Can be banned for infractions)
- NO Spamming
- NO ISO/Post hijacking
- Posts must remain 80s style PG-13
- Include prices when listing items
- Texas sales only
- Please do a little research before you offer something.

*For your safety, we recommend that you meet in public places when buying/selling/trading and you should not give out your home address. Of course, that is your choice, but we just want our members to be safe.

*All items for sale are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Facebook.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send the Admins a message. Do NOT post about it on the wall.

Rick Nelson (8BitRat)

Richie Merrow

This website is dedicated to my children who have reminded me of how classic gaming can bring a family together.