Help Tracy get back on her feet

This is a page for our amazing Tracy who was a healthy 34 year old Mum of two small boys and was due to run a marathon this year. She was taken into hospital Christmas eve. None of is realised how terribly ill she was with pneumonia but by Christmas Day she was put in an induced coma.

Her life has been saved by amazing doctors more than once after suffering complete organ failure and she has battled through meningitis, septasemia, deadly blood clots and bleeding on the brain. She came out of her coma on new years eve and although still in intensive care at St Thomas's she has shown amazing strength. But it is now time for us to our bit.

The reason and sad reality of our fundraising is that tragically Tracy has lost both feet and her legs have been amputated below the knee as well as her fingers. We are raising money for her rehabilitation and will be listing events etc on here. So please, please, please let's help Tracy get back on her feet.