shoe box appeal for orphans in uganda named smile african orphanage

This group is to help 300 orphans in an orphanage in Masaka Uganda to have a great Christmas Day with a lovely filled shoe box. You can also if you would like to send letters,birthday gifts and all year round items of your choice to your chosen child or children. Smile Africa children's Orphange is run by Robert and is totally independent of any other group with the name smile and Africa in it. Valid proof by certificates given out by the Ugandan government can be seen on this and any other page relating to this particular orphanage. Please do remember though that there are very different rules surrounding proof in Uganda than here in the U K. For more info please message your admins. Feel free to engage with Robert by messenger chat,he likes to be able to practise his English on you!
Your admins for this group are:
Jill Strange
Debbie Louise Duncalf

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you would like to ask. One of us is usually always around on here unless we are working very hard on another great way to help our lovely children. There goes a lot of hard work done in the background of this group and all the others connected to it. So watch this space and group for our next great idea. Many Thanks Admins.