R.I.P. Kayla MacFarlane

Kayla MacFarlane (April 18, 1990 - December 10, 2007)

For someone who touched us in such a unique way, she was one of a kind. So much love for every person she encountered, and always a upbeat person with a beautiful smile that would catch everyones attention and brighten their day. They say the good die young, but too young for some. We'll pray and hope she's up above always looking down on us, and always being here in spirit. For every memory that I'm sure we have of this wonderful soul, we shall cherish it forever and carry on with a smile she helped us put on.
To Kay's family, friends and Steve, as part of her life and having Steve as my best friend, I can't stress enough the love she had for all of you and if she were here right now it'd be proven with every minute of every day.

Rest your soul beautiful angel, we will all meet again one day.