909 baby diapers formula clothes Electronics Furniture sale or trade

This is for all 909 People
You Can sell Any baby related Items And Non Baby Related items Are ok....

●NO W.i.C formula! You can trade but NOT sell!!! If it's posted for sale I will delete it

●No Selling w.i.c checks please!

●Please dont try and things Retail price! If anyone wants to pay top dollar they rather buy it NEW in STORES

●Please No ripping anyone off

●No Selling expired baby food or formula and etc

●Please Be serious buyers..if you say you are intrested and plan on meeting with someone..Meet with them and dont flake if Anyone flakes come to either admin amd they will be removed from the group

●Make sure you add LOCATION Condition and Actuall Picture of the item Dont post a pic of the a picture on babies r us If its Brandnew post a picture of the Box or item Please be sure to Add price please dont add your address on your post..

●No bashing otherer Members! WE are Not kids! Please if there are any problems please come to us admins we will take care of it thank you