90 Days Income Challenge

The 90 Days Income Challenge Facebook group is a community of 90daysincomechallenge.com members working together as a team to create online success for the masses.

This group was created with the intention of celebrating successes, helping people achieve their individual’s goals and for everyone to work together as a team. As you know in a TEAM...Together Everyone Achieves More!

To keep the integrity and mission of the group intact we compiled a To Do and To Don't list. We strongly suggest you read the list. We reserve the right to not subject our positive, like-minded members to those who choose to ignore the simple guidelines we have laid out for them, possibly resulting in a permanent ban from the privilege of being part of this private Facebook Community.

To DO (Grape Flavor)

Do - Use Facebook Group SEARCH feature before posting new questions.

Do - Encourage others in a positive way
Example: what's working for me (NO affiliate links please)
Example: Inspirational content (positive mind set quotes from your favorite mentors)

Do - Celebrate success
Example: “I just referred 3 new people today.”
Example: “This is easy, I just completed 3 new offers today and my account just got credited”

Do - Read Do's & Don'ts before acceptance in to group

Do - Help answer questions you know the answers to (no peanut gallery comments please)

Do - Ask questions regarding:
Example: marketing techniques (helpful tips about how to improve your results)
Example: advertising methods (success or failure)

The to DON'Ts (Cherry Flavor)

Don't - Share your negative opinions while asking questions; JUST please ask your question

Don't - Use a Facebook Name NOT matching your registered name with your 90 Days Income Challenge account (To prevent fraud, all names will be cross referenced in the database before acceptance in to the group)

Don't - Be rude to admins or fellow members
- name calling, foul language etc. etc. etc. This should be obvious.

Don't – Ask questions that should be directed to customer service (technical inquiries or general observation type questions)

Everyone please play nice and enjoy the positive environment we are trying to create to help each other make money online.

Which Kool-Aid should you drink? You make your own decision, but here is a hint: We have NEVER seen a person that drinks from the cherry flavor show up in the top earners leader board wink emoticon