Women & Weight loss

Perfect we are not, but many of us desire perfection, or should we say self - improvement which is not limited to weight, but includes nutrition, skin care, hair styling, fashion, etc.

This forum is to bring a group of women with a common goal and purpose which is incorporating proper diet and exercise into our everyday lives.

It is imperative that we understand the key to transforming a skinny, overweight, or average body is by proper diet/ exercise techniques. We would like to share healthy and delicious recipes, which we can incorporate into our day to day diet, each including the number of servings, list of ingredients needed, instructions, and the nutritional information (grams of fat per serving, calories etc).

In addition, we would like to encourage those living within proximity to meet up at least once a month for a social gathering either spending time working out, (which doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, rather engaging in other fun-filled activities for women. i.e wall climbing, dancing, exotic dance classes.. etc.