English is Your Key To Success

Assalam Aalikum dear groupmates the learning zone is a typical venue for those who are ambitious to master english language ,by creating this group 1,only intended to help people in familiarizing the various usage and understanding the common errors, all english language learners are requested to be a part of this mission with your through out participation in sharing knowledge and doing exercises, posts contins any obscene language or with ill motives are not entertained here. kindly avoid advertisements and promotional messages.
1, to encourage english language learners to speak, listen and sead perfect english ,creating opportunities to get in contrct with english experts from different countries and native speakers .
2,to promote debate and an indepth engagement with relevant issue7 through the discussion in english medium. 3,to provide opportunities for teachers to talk each other online underpinning the learning habit and building an community of learners
4,to help english language educators to see other points of view connecting them to a wider world, other philosphies and new ideas building bridges between ,and insight into, other culters thus contributing to build tolerance and intescultural competence. 5,to create opportunities for english language teachers to develop their own language skills, increasing vocabulary, improving pronunciation and increasing their understanding of idiom and expressions, as well as their command of the language as whole. 6,so u can improve your english ,learn a new words daily and share the information with someone who is trying to improve english ,this wil help you in memorizing the words because teaching another person wil refresh and strengthen your knowledge. welcome to our group 7 chat only english kindly 8 don't write bad words and dont share bad pictures 9dont fight,insul ,judge or ridicule otherr through your post 10 dont use abusive words ,nudes photos 11 no link and advertisement or sexual posts 12 no involvement of your nationality .religion.politics in talking 13 dont write add me 14 respect all admins and respect women in the group 15 if someone is disrespecting u in anyway please contect me or one of the admins thx # Muhammad Nawaz#