Universal Law of Attraction

This group was started a few years ago by Nina Ferrell in order to share the work of Hemal Radia. In her words, "The world needs to know about you!"

Hemal's intention with this group has been for it to be as a COMMUNITY of like-minded individuals supporting and sharing. It is about SUPPORT, CARE and LOVE, not about scepticism or unhealthy debate, but about affirming beliefs and ways you can transform your life.

This is NOT a group to join to self-promote your links.

Contribute to the community of this group, including in interacting with others on the wall, and in time perhaps the group would like you to share more about yourself and your resources.

Happy Manifesting & Being in your Flow!

IT'S NO COINCIDENCE you're here, everything you attract into your life is a vibrational match.

The Law of Attraction has been popularised in recent years from various places, whether it be The Secret, Abraham Hicks or countless other sources.

There is one Law of Attraction but many interpretations. We want this group to be inclusive, welcoming, warm and expansive in terms of your (and its) growth. The Law of Attraction IS expansive, i.e. you are always expanding as you attract more and more, this group can play a part in that..

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Your thoughts (and more so your feelings and emotions) determine your vibration, and you attract into your life things that are a vibrational match to you; this is a vibrational universe.

Whether you are someone new to the Law of Attraction and know very little about it and have questions or know quite a bit and have experiences to share, we’d like to welcome you to participate whether with your questions and experiences. There WILL be others that will value what you have to offer, you will very naturally attract them. It may not be you’ll see them immediately, but in putting your intention out you are enabling the universe to match it. You may however also find that just by doing that you attract the answer anyway, regardless of this group, but the group plays a part in your formulating your intention and attracting that which you want.

If you are someone that believes in the Law of Attraction or wants to believe in it, then this group is for you!

Please feel free to participate in the group, whether with questions that provide stimulation, contributions, stories, experiences, tips, techniques, thoughts, inspiration, whatever you think relevant to this wonderful topic.

Please do INVITE your friends, we are open to this information being available to all those interested in it, those that attract it through their (vibrational) Asking.

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