915 Live Events & Entertainment (For Promoters, Organizers,Venues and DJ's)

This is an open group for all Promoters, Event Organizers,Club/Bar Owners, DJ's, Artists and fans of music and the arts. Feel free to post any upcoming event or weekly/nightly events and happenings that you have. This is open to El Paso and surrounding areas. Facebook is changing the way we can invite people to events, so this page will be a great place to post your events, fliers and do your promo so that we can get the word out to the people that want to know what is happening in the Sun City...we need your support. Build it and they will come!

This group is designed for networking and promoting your projects. Feel free to post anything that relates to Music, Entertainment, Modeling, Magazine, Radio, and Club promotions.


All we ask is that you do this:

1 Join this group.
2 Invite ALL your Friends to Join
3 Post Your Photos/Events/Links, Comments and Positively Interact with other members.

It's that simple. Now let's all keep connected!

If you violate the group in any way by spamming messages or by offending others it will be considered inappropriate behavior and its grounds for getting banned permanently from the group.