Mbayion Comprehensive College Gboko Old Students Ass.

Listen carefuly, this is a reality, it may look like stupidity, but until u accept responsibility u can not be a celebrity, it is your acceptability & connectivity to the laws of diginity that determines your productivity...let me advice, let us flee from sexuality bcos it is an act of immorality before the almighty, you know the devil is suffering from insanity that is why he wants to cause an enemity between you and the almighty by making you commit iniquity, but as for u, there's an immunity sparking like electricity for your security against satanic stupidity, you see principality and calamity with poverty they are satanic stupidity to strip you of your dignity but if you can embrase spirituality, regularity, punctuality, integrity, & accountabilty you will surely have prosperity, finally permit me to remind you that you are not a nonentity, you have the capacity and the ability to destroy mediocrity and become celebrities....mery christmas and a prosperous new year to u Steve