Anti-Gravity Research

Our goals: We are a group of physicists working on an anti-gravity project. The first stage of our project is to create gravitational flying drones. After conducting the necessary testing with security and practicality, we are want to create manned flying aircraft. The unique feature of our aircraft will be speed, power, and very high load capacity. Gravitational force also can be focused and directed in any direction with enormous speed, and people will not experience any strong g-forces.

What we need in order to implement our project: laboratory equipment (material for research, discs made of special materials, power supply unit with specific electromagnetic parameters, protection materials from intense gravity field.

Video description: Our installation creates an artificial gravitational field, positive and negative. Any physical body that is located in this gravitational field exerts its gravitational force more intensively. It can strengthen or weaken. The installation in the video weakens the gravitational field of the surface, and, enhances the gravitational field of researcher’s hand. Tea leaves which are in the video or any other substance changes its gravitational force.