Relationship is the interaction between people in society and it can either be biological which is by blood or social which is people coming together to develop close tie. Too often many relationships and marriages in our time are in peril because we fail to understand the concept and principle governing a healthy relationship. To every game there is rule and to every good product there is a proces this also apply to every healthy relationship and marriage, there are some tips we need to understand.

Do not expect anyone to be responsible for your happiness, be it your husband or wife. Too often, relationships fail because someone is unhappy and blame the partner. Friends create your happiness and it should revolve around you.

Approach your relationship as a learning experience. Every day is a day to learn and each one has important information for you. A true and healthy relationship consists of both partners who need to equally contribute.

Use communication to establish a common ground to understand different point of views and to create a mutual collective agreement or plan. Many people argue to be right about something, lack of friendly communication has been a serious barrier to many relationships today. People now prefer the company of peer group to that of their partners.

Make and keep clear agreement. Respect the difference between yourself and your partner to agree with you on every issue. Reach a mutual agreement or plan. Forgive one another, forgiveness is a decision of letting go of the past and focusing on the present, it is about taking control of your current situation.

Tell the unarguable truth. Be truthful to yourselves if you want true love. Lie, naturally create cracks or problems in your relationship even if your partner never finds out about it.

Appreciate yourselves in the midst of argument it can be difficult to find something to appreciate. Start by generating appreciation.

Admit your mistakes. Be responsible here's a new definition. Being responsible means having the ability to respond. You need to laugh together, spend some qaulity time together. Many relationships suffer because there are different good reasons why we can't spend quality time.

Friends, the day we start understanding is the day our standing begings in life. What we need is a change of attitude and perception about life. You know in life we make decisions; some are easy, some are difficult and these are the application of these principles and believe God that yours is the next.

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