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One of the mentioned points will lead to a deleting of the responsible person and its contribution:
- Racial or radical oriented persons
- pornographic contributions (texts or pictures)
- personal attacks on persons in a bad choice of words.
According to the verdict of the district court Hamburg of 12th May .. 1998, we announce the following statement:
We repudiate of all contents of liked pages by this website, respectively the whole internet. We don’t internalize any contents.
Every user bears responsibility, if he decides to open links, upload legally protected datas, texts and pictures.
Please note: Warnings in case of statutory violation.
If you take the line that contents or especially incoming emails sent by this page, are infringing your rights, we apologize to abstain from warnings and to contact the mentioned address directly, instead. We insure to cease the infringement of your right immediately and be cooperative.
We have no intention of infringing your rights by this page.
In case of problems concerning competition, domain, copyrights or similar problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance, to avoid redundant litigations or costs.
Any notes of fees for lawerly warnings without contacting us in advance, will be rejected for the purpose of mitigation.
Thank you for your consideration!
Good luck!