ḠḧḀḶṮḭ ṁḀḀḟ ḧḀḭ ḃḕẇḀḟḀḭ ṆḀḧḭ


*..WellCoMe Too The Group..*

>>Group Rules<<...

¤.No Shamming..
¤.No Nude Posting..
¤.Girls Pics Are Not Allowed..
¤.Don't Abuse Any Memberz..
¤.No Insults..
¤.No Personal Attacks..
¤.No Attacks Religious Figures..
¤.No Promition Group's Links Or Any Others Links Are Not Allowed...
¤.No Incentive Comments...
¤.Agar AAP ko Kisi Post Ya Members Sy Problem Hai To (ADMINS) Ko Report Karen...
¤.No Warnings Just Gonna Kick Out From Group...

*..THANK YOU And Here Your ADMINS..*

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