FAB for the Holidays

Hi Ladies and welcome to the FAB for the Holidays challenge with your hosts, Candice, Laura and myself, Sarah-Jane!!

We are so excited to start this incredible journey with all of you! We have worked really hard to gather some AMAZING ladies together in one place and look AMAZING for chrismas!

Who is ready to look amazing!!!

SO whats in store for you? well first prepare to have fun and meet some new friends!

We will have a file with all the "must know" about the challenge group. Pay attention to them as there will be prizes to be won...and trust me...you will want to win!

We cannot wait to get to know you better!

Our big goal? is to lose all together 100lbs by Christmas...big goal? but I think it can be done!!! We GOT THIS!!!

Candice, Laura and SJ!