HMS Dulverton

The first Dulverton (L63), launched in 1941, was a type II Hunt-class destroyer. She served in World War II and was scuttled in 1943 after being severely damaged by German air attack.
The second Dulverton (M35), launched in 1982, was a Hunt-class minesweeper.

Both Ships are now decommissioned, M35 being the latest, now situated in HMNB Portsmouth.

Class: Hunt Class mine countermeasures vessel

Pennant number: M35

Builder: Vosper Thornycroft, Woolston

Launched: November 3, 1982

Accepted: October 5, 1983

Commissioned: November 4, 1983

Displacement: 675 tonnes

Length: 60.3 metres

Beam: 10.4 metres

Speed: 14 knots

Complement: 32

Propulsion: Two Deltic diesel engines driving fixed pitch propellers through ahead and astern gearboxes

Weapons: 30mm gun, General purpose machine guns

Special: Dulverton is one of three Hunts to be modified as Northern Ireland patrol ships. Minesweeping gear has been displaced by three Rigid Inflatable Boats