Nebulous 8 Ball Pool Warriors

New Rules: No abuse from members and from code word abuse if i saw someone admin or member i will warn him first and then if he don't consider it seriously it will be banned permanently.

FOR Members
Maximum Help that you will get from admins is 100k.
Abusing any admin or member for invalid reason ( either in group or in private message) = BLocked From Group
If you miss any event that is not my problem- from now onwards if anyone will say that he/she was not there at time of event or admin did not accepted my challenge then I Will NOT GIVE COINS AFTER EVENT is over.
Scammers wll be banned only if there is any proof.
if you have any problems with any of the rules written above then leave this group i dont care:3
For Admins
You have to block scammers ..`` and if u blocked/remove any person without reason .. then u will get blocked !