Purefoods/kahotshots Group ♥

Rules & Regulation
Kung ayaw nyong matangal sumunod po kayo sa rules

free to post po ang lahat ng member pero kailangan may kinalaman sa purefoods
bawal mag away sa group
bawal magmura
sumunod sa rules
respect everyone
be friendly
all members will be responsible in their post or in a comments.
. All topics will be on our team only.
Members not allow to post any advertising promo.( for the respect of the name of this group.)
n this group we don't allow to start any types of war. If the conversation in on fire we need to settle it as soon as possible.
all members will be participating in a group topics or in a group conversation.
In this group we need to protect and defend the name and the heart of this group..
And the last

No matter what happen we need to support the team.!!
This group was created for all the fans whose continuing the support of the team!! (Bahala na kayo sa english carabao ko (creator)

Created oct 30 ,2014