♡♡Freaky Friendz♡♡

Heartly Wellcome all the new members i
hope u all enjoying this ...group,,,,♡♡♡♡


¥Group policy
No spamming
No racism
No insults
No personal attacks
No attacks on political or religious figuers
No incentive comments
Keep in your limits always
Don't post or comment something rude which the personal have to been
feel embarrasin g

Respect girls
No share any bad pic or songs
No adult website promote,
No adult videos promote and no any other group promotion.

Rules are enforced for each and every member in the group.
If u don't act properly,
We will kick u out from the group.
If once the member kicked out he will be not added again in case of his
aplogogy he may be allowed for the last time to the group,,,,
Thank you

If u have problem with some one contact admins
♡Anusha Sheikh
♡Shahid Mughal
♡Precious Pearl
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