ERASMUS in Plovdiv 2015/2016

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association... in Europe. It was born on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange.
We are present in more than 430 Higher Education Institutions from 37 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. We have around 13.500 active members that are in many sections supported by so called buddies mainly taking care of international students. Thus, ESN involves around 29.000 young people offering its services to around 180.000 international students every year.

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Erasmus ESN coordinators for:

1. Medical University of Plovdiv, University of food techniques and Medical College - Atanas Toshev

2. Plovdiv University - Angelina Titeryakova, Ivana Yalamova,
Jenny Genova and Stella Chunova

3. Agricultural University - Valentina Ivanova

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