Epylepsie Records is a brand new label for Hardtechno Minimal an...d Techno, placed in south germany. Founded in 2015 by Jonas Schöner who is part of SCH!ZOPHREN. Borns with the idea of publishing great quality Techno.

One of the main goals of the label is to reach and stay by a high standard of sound quality in all our productions also for unnamed artists as well for well known musicians and producers out there!

Bevor you send some demo stuff to us make sure it's the right style for our label.

Demo Policy:

- Please don't contact us via facebook. If you want us to hear your sounds, only contact us via email to epylepsierecords@gmail.com ! If we like your sound we will contact you within the next 2 - 3 days!

- Send us full tracks in good quality! (min. 320 mp3) Please note: Snippets or incomplete tracks will be discarded.

We listen to every demo you'll send us! Don't take it personal when we can't release your stuff on our label. This only means we are not the best label for you sound!
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