Kindle Library

This is a site to share book links for any reading device. Anyone can post here.

Please if you find a contest or know of an event post it.

You can post books they find that are on sale or you recommend for reading. Please Include price when posting. Does not need to be free or 99 cents can be any price!!! ANY Subject this is why this group is locked!!

Please post reviews with your perm link, if you like to have them voted on. Under files for posting so no one has to dig to see them!

Authors can promote their pages, blogs, parties ect. Please take the time to say Hi before spamming the group. Please do not post more then 24 hours no more then 7 times per week.

Again, you can post ANY book it does not need to be a bargain or on sale or under 99 cents or less.

Last but not least have fun!!! Please no Drama leave it at the door!!