9ether is an online Kemmunity for the melanin dominant man and w...oman in the African diaspora. It is a place for the truly awakened to share information and for the newly awakened to learn new information that will assist in the cultivation of spirituality and character. The aim of the group is to unite those that are awakened trolls will not be tolerated.

The awakened innerstand that all cause happens in the spirit realm and thus if real change is to happen then we must first cultivate our spirits.

The awakened innerstand that what we call reality is in fact only a reflection of the unseen. Thus real change cannot be made by changing the reflection. Change can only be made from with in and experienced with out.

The awakened innerstand that our true spirituality is African spirituality and not some Eurocentric story forced upon our ancestors some 400 years ago.

The awakened innerstand that if we are to unite we must first find culture, our culture. Culture sets standards - standards set values. We must all place value on the same concepts and ideas of who we are as a people. Culture is a way of life for a group of people. This is what was taken away from us some 400 years ago.

The awakened innerstand Sankofa. Going back and fetching your history.

We are spirits beings having a human experience.