AAP Uttar Pradesh

This is the official group of Aam Aadmi Party,Uttar Pradesh (https://www.facebook.com/AAPUttarPradesh/posts/257195144438512) It is an action group to plan and execute party's vision and mission. It will also be used for unbiased discussion on the decisions and policies of the party and the Nation.
1. All CAPS indicate shouting or emphasis. Kindly stick to normal case and normal font as much as possible.
2. Abuse to anyone is strict NO-NO.
3. The aim is to improve the quality and openness of discussion in all the political, socio-economic and legal matter. We will be giving lot of freedom, including freedom to ridicule any idea or belief. Religions and other belief systems are no exception.
4. Owner or Admins are in no way responsible for views expressed by member. Self moderation is the expected behavior. Admins will only take charge of the situation if it seems to be going out of the hand.
5. Do not troll by posting irrelevant, inconclusive, provocative remarks just to invite retaliation. This often derails a good conversation leading to mindless flame wars. This can result in strict action including bans.
6. Do provide the relevant reliable source in case of presenting any facts or news reports. Also ensure to acknowledge the copyright in case of posting any such data, information, statistics or images. We will like complete adherence to copyright and intellectual property.
7. Adding/Banning members is the sole collective decision of the admins, no question by anybody including the senior members can be raised in this regard. People applying for membership are requested to keep their profile updated and provide as much genuine information, profile pics etc. as possible. Because when in doubt, admins will decide the member's credibility based on these facts.
8. Please do not spam tag members. Feel free to tag members intelligently and only if their opinion is needed or attention is warranted. Do not tag members in thread they wish to unfollow and asks not to be tagged
9. All members are STRICTLY instructed not to block any admins. If you block any of the admins or restrict their message options, you'll invite a lifetime ban and no further request will entitle you to be readmitted in the forum. If a member's message option is disabled and admins want to communicate for banning him/her, admin will be doing it on the forum wall.
10. In case admins are found guilty of violating any of the rules, any four senior non-admin members can jointly agree and remove him/her from adminship.
11. Please visit this Community Management thread for updates from admins and to make complaints. Please keep checking rules often. The rules are subject to modifications.
12. Ids without photos/minimum description about the person are liable to be rejected
13. The decision of the admins shall be final.