AASW QLD Branch - Student & New Graduate Network


The AASW Queensland Branch Student and New Graduate Network is a new and exciting initiative for Queensland students and new graduates. This network is markedly different from any other social work group as students and new graduates across Queensland universities are instrumental in defining what is most important to being a social worker today. The network is therefore committed to working collaboratively in areas such as:

• learning – enhancing skills and knowledge;
• professional development – utilizing the skills of people with placement experience, first-hand experience from professionals;
• advocacy – identifying what is most important to our network (the students), and working towards goals that will be most beneficial to your university experiences;
• resourcing – ideas, discussions, articles that give you the edge;
• support networks – having supports both within your own university and network of friends, and with other students and new graduates from universities across Queensland that you can talk to; and
• developing industry contacts – fantastic opportunities to meet with social workers throughout the year, start developing key contacts for placements and after graduation.

The success of the network is therefore dependent on every member having a voice, but importantly everyone working harmoniously together to produce something which we can all be proud of.

To date we understand the network as a platform for creating networks and activities that mean something to the people we are targeting – you! As students you will soon be carving your own professional identities as social workers, and it is hoped that this network will provide you with opportunities that will help to influence, challenge, and make you think about who you are and where you are headed.

Our aim therefore is to involve as many social work students and new graduates who have a variety of skills, experiences, and practices who will contribute to the network through demonstrations, talks and lively discussions in a respectful and meaningful manner. The network will also draw upon industry professionals, and new graduates working across the sector in Queensland to give first hand experiences and insights into working as a social worker, and importantly describe the current employment climate.

We hope you enjoy being part of this great network. The success of our network however is up to every single member, and your input will guide how we run.


While we value your contribution to the AASW Queensland Branch Network, please note that participation here does not equate to an AASW membership which includes its own membership benefits and entitlements.

If you would like to join the AASW, please refer to their website for membership details and associated fees.