Anyone But Conservatives for Canada in 2015

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This is a group for those who don't care whether it's a Liberal or NDP government, an NDP/Liberal/Green coalition, a new party, a partnership plan, a run-one-candidate-who-can-win approach, a group of intelligent high school students...or any of the above. We just want to elect a progressive (not Harper Conservative) government in October 2015.

And we don't want to see the existing parties hand over 4 or 5 more years to Mr. Harper.

How do you think we should do it?

We are stuck. We have a government led by ideologues under the thumb of a controlling uber-ideologue. They're dismantling, restructuring, slipping things in-and-out of the backdoor...and they are doing it by stealth and attack, not stupidity (I fear).

We are losing much of what Canada is, and indeed, what most Canadians want it to remain (check the polls).