Articulated Comic Book Art

Articulated Comic Book Art (abbreviated A.C.B.A) is a visual art form first recognized June 15th 2009 by a passionate group of action figure collectors and is best exemplified by the efforts of this community who display their work on YouTube, as well as in their homes and at their local hobby shops.

The term 'Articulated Comic Book Art' was coined by Kendel Gray aka Boognice10 and is his registered Trademark with the USPTO. He is the pioneer of the art form. The term has come to represent a growing venture of display art in local venues such as comic book stores, hobby shops, toy/comic book conventions and other related outlets.

At its most basic level, Articulated Comic Book Art is akin to the miniature dioramas found in many museums, and as the name implies, the subject matter is influenced by comic book/superhero themes that pay homage to the Marvel, DC, and independent Comic Book universes. A.C.B.A makes use of highly articulated action figures in primarily in the 1/12th (6") or 1/18th (3 3/4") scale, incorporating elaborate background sets, dynamic/dramatic lighting, scaled props, inserted paper dialogue balloons and comic book style sound effects with the end result emulating scenes lifted right from the source material. Due to the nature of this medium, the individual artist is not chained to any of these concepts and liberties are often taken.

This is a place open to all Articulated artists who want to share their craft with other members in the community. Please feel free to post pictures, videos, and ideas. Some of the criteria needed to produce excellent A.C.B.A pieces include fluidity in posing, well placed stands and bases, the use of effects such as weapon and energy blast, props, backdrops, the insertion of comic book cut outs, imagination and creativity.

Boognice10's work can be seen on his YouTube channel here:

His work can also be seen periodically at the Forbidden Planet comic book store in New York, NY located at 840 Broadway.