ADHD Kids Care Support Group

Hello parents my name is Andrea L. Frank and I am the co-founder of this group. Missy and I started this group because we started in our community and for months we would have free meetings, with free childcare, and snacks for the kids, and information........we would sit for hours and wait but have one person come or none at all. This was twice a month. We did all we could to advertise.....nothing worked....both of us were heartbroken to know that parents didn’t want to educate themselves or try to understand ADHD. SO, we took it to facebook.......I’m very excited that we have over 1000 parents in our group and now over 100 in our closed group! Our whole mission is not about how many people that we can get but reaching out and being a supportive team for you parents out there and giving as much knowledge as we can to help you. It’s been great because I have alot of parents who when a question is posted that will respond. I promote being positive and we have alot of different people from different countries and different backgrounds. I have some parents that medicate and others that do not. That is ok because we get a broad spectrum of answers.......It also helps to know that you are not alone and know that we all feel "normal" here because we are experiencing alot of things that are the same. Please feel free to share your story if you are comfortable. If you have questions please post. If you just are having a great day post, if you have a question...I want to hear from you. The great part about this group is I am learning new things too and getting great ideas from other parents. Oh just so you know Missy and I both have kids. I have 2 ADHD boys and she has a son with ADHD and a daughter with ADD that are the same age as my kids. I stand as an advocate for not only my kids but for everyone. If you have a question you do not want can send it to my email at - [email protected] or if you need to call and talk to someone please feel free to call or even text... I want to be there for you. 608-415-9034...I have had a parent call me and we talk quite a bit. The other thing is that I have started to write a book about being a parent of ADHD boys and my journey. I have asked parents if they choose to that they could submit their story and each of you will your child’s name as a chapter in the book. I want to educate others who don’t have a child(ren) with ADHD what it is and what we go through so maybe we can get them to understand......Thank you to all of you parents...this is truly a dream come true and without you we would not exist...Thank you again! Andrea L. Frank

My name is Dawn Graves, I'm one of the admins on here helping out . I have two girls , my oldest has the ADHD/ODD as well as a few other issues. We also live in Nova Scotia, Canada. my email is [email protected]

we do Not tolerate any one attacking others, ect. leads to automatic banning