A.M.P. - Aspiring Musicians and Producers

A.M.P., short for "Aspiring Musicians and Producers", is a group of Bay Area students dedicated to the history, criticism, production, and preservation of honest, raw music. Our goal is to introduce meaningful music to the Bay Area as a whole and to help students produce their music-related projects. A.M.P. hopes to reintroduce creativity and positive thinking through members' passion for music.

One focus of A.M.P. is the full production of music, including recording, mixing, editing, mastering, and post-release promotion and critiquing. Anybody, regardless of experience level, is invited to either aid in production or learn production from experienced members and Officers so as to eventually aid in the synthesis of music.

A second focus of A.M.P. is the concept of a "jam"- a brief music session in which a group of musicians improvise simply for the fun of making enjoyable music for the public! Anybody with the ability to jam on any instrument is always open to these jam sessions. This combination of lasting produced music and in-the-moment jam music covers most of the spectrum of music itself.

While this Facebook group is based upon the club at school, the group itself is open to any and all fans of music, and encourages fans of any genre. AMP welcomes members regardless of gender; musical taste, talent, or knowledge; age; or school. All members may invite their friends to this group, and everybody will be accepted into the group. The one caveat is that the member must be a student in either high school, undergraduate studies, or working, but always under 21 years old.

A.M.P. has two chapters in the Bay Area- the original chapter is in Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA; the second chapter is in Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA. Lynbrook meetings are on Mondays in Mista Bale's room at Lunch (Room 503). Monta Vista meetings are on Tuesdays in Mr. Galli's room at Lunch (Room F114). Meeting attendance is laid-back; you are not required to attend the entirety of every meeting, and are welcome to drop in and out of meetings as you please.

Disclaimer: No form of commercial advertising is allowed on this group unless it is approved by an administrator. Administrators reserve the exclusive right to delete posts that are inappropriate (note that posts with certain colorful vocabularies are NOT necessarily inappropriate :D). We are strongly against censorship, but that sentiment only extends as far as A.M.P. members' best interests are served. Administrators also reserve the right to revoke membership from people that are acting inappropriately. That being said, a warning will always be issued before any action is taken.