American Saddlebred & Xs DRESSAGE Horses

American Saddlebreds & Xs DRESSAGE Horses is a group specific to those riding, training, breeding, owning, admiring and advocating for The American Saddlebred and it's Xs for Dressage. ASB & X's is open to all people interested in this breed and it's X's for work in Dressage.

We welcome classified adverts for horses suitable for the work and for breeding for the discipline. If you are posting a horse for sale on this site, please include breed (if it's a X); preferably parents if it's an ASB; age, height, location and PRICE and contact person. If you post photos, please include one what shows the horse sans saddle in a non stretched pose. Also if showing a video, please make it available to all on the site, public and easily accessible. All members are free to comment on any post on this group, so if you use our page to advertise your horse you have to take the chance someone will post their thoughts. This group was not formed primarily as a classified group so it's not OK to demand members refrain from commenting on your post because you want to control the conversation for commercial reasons. As long as you honor these rules feel free to post here. thank you.