A Twist on Pinterest - Recipes

Welcome to "A Twist on Pinterest"! We all have our "go to" recipe sites, including Pinterest, but how many recipes have you pinned or saved and actually attempted? Out of your attempts, how many of those recipes turned out true to their picture or description? Did your picky eater like it? Would you make it again, or change something? Most of us do not have the time for a recipe fail with a hungry family waiting for dinner, or money to blow on ingredients we can't pronounce; let alone find at our grocery store! So let's share what we are actually making, or attempting! Fails, hits, family recipes, tips & tricks, questions, substitutions, and most important- real photos and reactions! Feel free to compare your version of any recipe to the website you found it on but for the most part we'd like to share real home-cookin! Don't forget those uncooked snacks, school treats, or make-ahead meals, and please include any local deals and seasonal finds in your recipes!