The Deeper Aspects & Lower Bpm:
○ We represent The Deeper Aspect...s of Drum&Bass genre, Lower Bpm, 85/170 Bpm Techno Hybrid: Ambient, Minimal, Grey Area, MicroFunk, Experimental, Half Time, Autonomic Drum&Bass Culture

○ Any Drum&Bass sub-genres that utilizes steps within the beat, [2/4, Tech Step, Liquid Funk, Slow-Fast, Neurofunk, Juke, Jungle Footwork, etc.] does not belong on this page. We realize that some mixes may contain one or more of these genres within a set, and we will have to consider it depending on the situation as it presents itself. It's not a perfect system, but we aim to keep the page pure and true to form to avoid confusion by crossing genres.

○ We are not a Dubstep [140bpm] page.

○ This is not a place to sell merchandise. No need for hand bags or sunglasses here. All for sale postings and venue promos unrelated to the page will be deleted.

○ Please do not post memes on this page. You are an adult. Articulate.

○ And finally, let's keep it respectful. Keep it positive. Thank you for your consideration here. With that being said, WELCOME TO YOUR GROUP PAGE, AND ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Avery James
Dyl Edward
Jason Os Daat
Rob Vndnnwnhysn
Bhavnesh Chamdal

Lead Designer:
Dan Eshelman

Autonomic, Jungle Footwork & Slow-Fast: How Drum and Bass Got Its Groove Back

Futureproofing: A Year In Autonomic_ 18.12.10

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