AZ Parents & Teachers Against CCS and TESTS

Welcome to Az Parents & Teachers against CCS & Testing. Our purpose is to provide you with information needed to promote resistance to Ed Reform that features CCS and Testing.
Although it may be trite to begin with something like ‘you need to understand how the world is changing’, in this case, we do believe that the more you understand how politics and the distribution of power and wealth are changing, the better able you will be able to speculate on what life may be like for you, your children and your grandchildren 20 to 30-years from now. While you may feel powerless to change your immediate situation, you can still get satisfaction from knowing you are doing something positive each day to protect your family and yourself. If you think things are getting worse (and, unless you are part of the 1%, how could you feel otherwise), count on them getting intolerable if you continue to do nothing. I personally hate motivational speakers (see Barbara Ehrenreich’s description of how “’positive thinking’ … has been morphed into … a means of social-control in the workplace” and self-hatred for not doing something to counteract this feeling of powerless. Nonetheless or because of that, I implore you for the sake of my children (whose first blood-father is long-deceased) and your own, to please begin to take some action every day.
The ability to act and feel like your acts are meaningful, will make us into stronger people more able to help our children survive to a better future. Understanding the present makes one more able to influence the future. Understanding exactly what is going on in Education Reform (and why) can be challenging especially if you have not been involved in Public Education as a Teacher or Administrator. This, then, is the purpose to which this site is dedicated – to further our understanding of the forces behind this ‘Education Reform Movement’ and their motivations.
I look forward to hearing your views of what is going on and why and to sharing sources which have helped you formulate your opinions. So, thanks for sharing.

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