Acid music for acid people =)

Please respect the group and only post 303 acid related music !
NON 303 acid related music will be REMOVED without warning.

If you absolutely want to post Techno tracks WITHOUT 303 acid related music in them, you can join our Techno group:

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The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer manufactured by the Roland Corporation from 1982 to 1984 that had a defining role in the development of contemporary electronic dance music.

The TB-303 (short for "Transistor Bass") was originally marketed to guitarists for bass accompaniment while practicing alone. Production lasted approximately 18 months, resulting in only 10,000 units. It was not until the mid- to late-1980s that DJs and electronic musicians in Chicago found a use for the machine in the context of the newly developing house music genre.