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Welcome to ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies, an open and non-profit organisation group where our main objective is to provide a buying and selling (E-commerce) platform to the citizens of Mauritius.

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Add a minimum of 200 friends in this group and you will benefit from our VIP membership, which allows your posts to be pinned and your advert to be placed as our group cover page/billboard for a certain duration.

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*************IMPORTANT NOTICE*************


Any member failing to comply with the rules and regulations set by ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies will result in an instant removal or ban from the group depending on the gravity, without warning.

- Plagiarism is not allowed.
- No silly / Vulgar comments.
- Spam / Scam shall not be tolerated.
- Do not advertise on other member’s posts.
- Criticism or voicing out against the group is forbidden.
- Criticism, racism, or religious discrimination is strictly prohibited.
- Do not post anything inappropriate such as sexual contents, offensive messages, obscene materials etc.…

ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies Admins reserves the right to remove any post(s) or comment at any time if necessary.

Messages can be sent at ActiVision Marketing Ltd page for further inquiries,

ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies has four admins. In case of any concerns, problems or complains, please contact Mr. Haashim on 59204865 or simply inbox:

History Of ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies

ActiVision Marketing Group of Companies was founded by Haashim and Zishaan on the 26th February 2014.

At first, the group was made with the sole aim of promoting our company “ActiVision Marketing Ltd”, but later on with the increasing number of people joining the group each day, we decided to use our group page as means of an E-commerce to the citizens of Mauritius to attract more people and therefor using this as a tool for marketing our company.

P.S. We reached over 11,000 and counting people in less than two weeks time…

Page link:

Group Link:

Happy trading and enjoy. Hope our group helps...
From ActiVision Marketing Ltd team...
Thank you!!!