All Anime Page S4S (¬‿¬)

MOTIVE - It is not group where you all can make likes..
But the main purpose of this group is to help others so that they can also have big pages.
Because we all were someday at that stage.. :)
❋ Members are requested to follow the rules below and to report administrators if someone if breaking the rules..

1 • The group is 1:1 ( 1 share for 1 share )
2 • Share for Share with codes is allowed (code 4 code)
3 • If Someone ask s4s you need to share him first, and don't say done when you are not finished sharing!
4 • No limits must be given for sharing
6 • Return all shares.
7 • You can't share a bigger page than you get shared on!
8 • Comment on your post (~CLOSED~) if you are done doing share 4 share, and you can ask again.
9 • If someone comments on your post after you put "Closed" check their page and compare the time of the comment and share. If they shared your page right before you comment "Closed" you're in obligation to share them back ( This only works for those shares that are at least 1min old on the pages )
10 • Do not ask for share 4 share on comment.
11 • Do not share groups.
12 • The share should leave 8 min on your page! Then erase it if you like ..!
13 • Do not ask to join their pages.
14 • No Free Shares Here.
15 • If you have problems with something.. contact an ADMIN!
16 • Respect among team members.
17 • If you Closed And Someone Comment On Your Post In (just now,1min) check their page at time of share and share back if its over 2mins
18 • If you do not wish to share codes then you will have to specify that you do not want to share codes while posting for s4s..
19 • Non-Anime pages And Hentai pages or any content related to porn are not to be asked for sharing..
20 • Don't use any kind of abusive or censored or racist comments against people who are not your friends...
21 • No hacked pages or pages bought from hackers are to be asked for sharing..
22 • No spamming..
23 • If you want your friends to be added to the group or If you have problem or complaints against administrators Contact other admins..
24 • Captcha pages are allowed.
25 • Don't ask to like the pages in the group.