Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network. *A worldwide meeting place, news hub, and human rights advocacy space for families separated by adoption. We shed light on the hidden side of adoption.

Mission Statement: -to monitor, find resources, scrutinize, investigate, critique adoption policies and procedures, raise awareness, and share diverse adoption experiences.

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We offer a full description of adoption as opposed to the one-sided stories promoted by agency advertising and marketing campaigns. Your voice matters. Let your voice be heard. TOGETHER we are strong.

*A Notice to New Members: This group was created to give family members (who have been exploited by adoption profiteers and adoption trafficking) a place to share stories. If you believe that your adoption was JUST and FAIR, than you are invited to listen and learn from the experience of others. Thanks!

This group is not to be used as debate to prove that adoption is "all" good, but rather to acknowledge, address and correct bad practices.


Please refrain from using the word "birth" mother, "birth" father. This rhetoric and labeling--which perpetuates a stigma and discrimination against parents--has been purposely coined by the adoption professionals. The result is that it reduces parents down to a "function," which serves the industry. Parents of adoption loss prefer the terms of first, natural, original (or no precursor at all).

Suggestions while participating include:
•Be Supportive – We are Team Truth. Let’s support each other! We are educating the public on the hidden side of adoption. The priority is to inform and spread awareness. Together we have made a huge difference already!
•Self-Monitor - Make sure that whatever you post comes from a place of receptiveness and understanding. Enjoy each others knowledge and experiences.
•Allowance – Allow that all members have their own opinion - agree to disagree.
•Non-judgment - Try not to judge, everyone's experience is unique. This is a place for original mothers and adopted people to express themselves.
•Detachment – If hit with resistance, don’t take comments personally.
•Protect - If insulted, placing a “FB block” can help.

Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, we cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of members. We reserve the right to 1.) Delete threads 2.) Remove members

Please note that the comments made in this group are participants' comments and do not always reflect the views of ACT or AT&TWN.


*Posts and comments that do not serve the purpose of the group, which is to inform the public about the problem of adoption trafficking,
*Posts and comments that target and insult other members of adoption loss.