Adopt & Care for a Stray Animal

Save Life - One at a Time!!!!

Join our forces to promote & educate people on adopting strays.

What will be discussed:
> Stray Adoption
- Share images and other details
> Why to adopt a Stray
> First step of adopting a pet
> Early Adoption phase
> Why & when to Spay/Neuter my stray?
> First Aid knowledge
> What to do when you find a helpless puppy or a kitten.
> How to deal with an injured and scared dog/cat
> Can't adopt!! How else can i help?
> n more ...

Bad language, tantrums of any kind and personal attacks will not be entertained and will result in instant removal from the group and a permanent ban!

Any other RULES?
Yes, This page is not for Buying & Selling of pets. Any member who does that will be Reported & Blocked!!! (No warning what so ever!!!) NO BUYING & SELLING OF PETS HERE!!!!!!!!!! or Stud Services (Basically mating services)!!!!