Adrian Hew/Nicholas Wong Internet Marketing JV Group

1) The Adrian Hew Internet Marketing JV Group helps business owners and entrepreneurs get found on the web. Every week or month, we will share tips, secrets and discuss on how web technology (ie. Internet Marketing) can help your business grow and for anyone to earn some passive income on the internet.

2) Learn about Google, Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, PPC (ie. Pay-Per-Click), SEO (ie. Search Engine Optimization), Email marketing and Digital Products.
We'll also talk about how SEO & YouTube marketing will help increase your traffic views to your domain webpage using existing blog platforms like Wordpress.

3) What exactly is your Web Presence? It starts with a great website but it's so much more. Your web presence is what Google & the other Search Engines say about you: SEO. It's partly what Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest of the social media says about you. Optimization of your web presence means you are everywhere that your potential customer is.

4) From time-to-time, we will be sharing our customized Digital Products/Softwares that are tailor-made internet marketing tools to help you increase your web presence online. Together, we'll make sure you've not only got an Optimized Web Presence but a high traffic web page to fulfill your targeted monthly and annual sales.

5) Here are the benefits on being part of this FB Group is:-
a)i) Online businesses will benefit from increase traffic to your business websites that will subsequently increase your sales.
ii) Offline businesses will benefit from a transformation of conventional business done offline to a higher sales volume once implemented online.

b)i) University/college students who are balancing between the tough university life of high tuition fees and having a social life will now be able to earn some extra side income on the internet.
ii) Busy Working Professionals that are currently seeking for a passive side income will now be able to earn money online without worrying about quitting your full time day job.
But, hey if it's generating some good decent money for yourself, you may even consider quitting your full-time job too!

c) House-wife/house-husband and unemployed workers can now even try to earn some survival/passive income for themselves via making money on internet!

6) Last but not least, here are the admins of this FB Group:-
a) Adrian Hew:-
i) Adrian's personal webpage:-
ii) Adrian's FB profile page:-
iii) Adrian's email address: [email protected]

Thx & Cheers!