1+ years of advanced TTC/infertility support group

This group is closed so you can search for it but only members can see what you post
.Biggest rule I have here is no nonsense, we are VERY real here not all butterfly and unicorns, we want to be hopeful but not oblivious to the situation we are in. Not everyone handles infertility the same and need a safe place to vent and let it all out while finding support. We are a group of great ladies but some of us can be STRAIGHTFORWARD, HONEST, AND BOLD. If you end up not feeling our group is not a fit or don't like the way we work then please don't feel the need to post about it or comment about it, just click the leave button. We are really about not creating drama here. I let everyone be themselves here either it be bitter, positive, angry, sad, etc Infertility causes a lot of us to feel, freedom of speech is great and I love that the ladies here can be open about everything.
Second rule: You can post a pregnancy test if you have questions and also one test to confirm it (Your BFP) I will make a folder that you can put your beta draws so everyone can keep up.
Rule Three: In order to deal with trolls etc you MUST create an intro with your back story within one week of joining or you will be removed.
NOTE: There is docs to also put your chart link if you chart and name on babycenter if you are there as well.
I do have a group for people who have one child or more already or has become pregnant to talk about pregnancy/children which can be an uncomfortable conversation in this group, please feel free to join (link in comments)
Also I do a clean sweep once a month now, if you are inactive for a month or longer (no post or comments) you will be deleted.
If you have any suggestions or need to talk to an admin about someone or questions let me know here or in a message. Thanks