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NO ADULT MATERIAL! NO SPAMMING! NO TROLLING! NO OFFENSIVE, VIOLENT & RACIST MATERIAL! NO FRIENDS REQUEST POSTS! If you find something offensive report it, do not message admin about it as most admin will just tell you the same, we do rounds on all of our groups and remove any obvious or reported material, we do not sit and monitor groups constantly. Some admin have different rolls so you may not even be messaging the correct admin for the issue. So just follow the simple steps below! DO NOT INTERACT WITH OFFENSIVE POSTS! YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! You will become a target by interacting with trolls no matter how tempting it is, even if they have stolen your photos, It is simple!.... REPORT! AVOID! SCROLL ON! (If your really bothered by it and cannot let it be, Go to the profile of the poster, “COPY” the “URL/WEBADDRESS” of the “POSTERS PROFILE” and save it on a
note pad document then send this profile to Facebook, the police and whoever else you feel may be able to help you investigate further.