Advertise Your Business, Fan Pages & Groups HERE

This group was created so that members could advertise their business, fan pages and groups. Lets network and have some fun. No xRated sites or profanity please. Lets keep it clean!

Thank you for being a member of this group. As I approve the ads I request that they be in English as it is the only language I know.

I have discovered this → If you would like other members to take a serious look at your ad there are several things you shouldn't do:

1. Do not post your ad consecutively in a row either two or three times. I found that instead of having people look at your ad they view it as annoying.

2. Do not post an ad for each product that you offer. Other members see your name and scrolling through so many posts make it annoying so they will choose not to look at what you are offering. Show one product and then invite them to visit your website to see more.

3. Do not post your ad under someone else's ad in the comment section. Other marketers find this very annoying and you will be marked as spamming.

4. DO report posts that are offensive or abusive so that the admin, myself for this group, may delete them. We want to keep members visiting and viewing all our legitimate posts. They won't come back to re-visit if the group isn't kept clean.

Thank you and happy networking! Marlene