African Creative Dance For Fitness & Health Classes Group

Soul Speak presents, African Creative Dance For Fitness & Health Class. We will use the best of the best forms of African dance moves from Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Congo, etc. and incorporate them into exercise aerobic regimen which consist of the four types of exercise:

Balance & Coordination - which improves sensory motor capabilities
Cardiovascular - which improves endurance & stamina
Strength/Resistance - which improves muscle and bone strength
Flexibility - which improves joint and muscle flexibility

Classes start with a thorough warm up, followed by choreography broken down section by section focusing on technique, execution and comprehension of the drum rhythms. We will focus on teaching healthier ways of eating such as juicing, healthy detoxs to cleanse the body and healthier ways of living.

Instructed By: Nicquitta "KHMET" Brooks

Sat. 4pm-6pm at $5 Per Class

Classes will take place at:

Hiawatha Lofts
843 Hiawatha Pl S,
Seattle, WA 98144

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Niquitta "KHMET" Brooks at: [email protected] or through our facebook groups account: [email protected] We thank you all for your participation and hope to see you there!!

Health is Wealth!!