Afro American men vs Afro Brazilian Women, Would you Date?

Our Code of Conduct
Don’t post baggage, hatred, resentment, or focus on tearing down Black women to build you up.
Don’t post blame on anyone on your weaknesses, failures, heartache, or loneliness.
Don’t run your mouth about Brazil to everyone you know in USA, they have & will sabotage your trip.
Don’t fall in love blindly or forget there are millions of women in Brazil, get acclimated, get out more.
Don’t Hate…Just Evaluate & Migrate… the RE-Evaluate… until you can LOVE.
No simpin’, boyish, childish, thirsty, moist, lil’ B([email protected], desperate behavior.
Cursing ain’t gon’ hurt our feelings, just use it sparingly.
Debate only on facts, experience, & information, not slander, emotions, & pettiness.

Rules For Posting To This Group

1. Beautiful, inspiring pictures of all types of Brazilian women to encourage natural selection.
2. Brazilian Portugese: Language learning ideas, tips, hints, skills, courses & videos.
3. Knowledge for Self-Empowerment, Personal Development, Charisma, & Confidence.
4. Any business opportunities for men to evaluate to build online income (With ADMIN APPROVAL).
5. Brazilian Women…help African men understand Brazilian women & how we can connect better.
6. REAL Experiences in Brazil, video footage, tours, pictures, journal entries, events, & perceptions.
7. Natives, Cariocas, Brazilian Men etc…advice to help men adjust to Brazil from a man’s view.
8. Thought provoking paradigms and concepts that help men innovate and design better life in Brazil
9. Breaking News that may affect trips, delay trips, cause social unrest, or prevent execution of plans.
10. Safety info regarding health, disease, violence, police, favelas, to keep brothers safe & alive!
11. Any misc. comments, epiphanies, articles, youtube videos, that help men progress in Brazil.

1. …you post any pornographic videos, pics, or artwork.
2. …you blatantly post spam messages that do not pertain to topics in this group.
3. …you verbally attack members to create drama.
4. …you undermine Brazil, Brazilian Women, or Brazilian culture to discourage travel there.
5. …you get into arguments or love triangle fights over Brazilian women publicly in the group.
6. …you post any discouraging ideas to prevent African American men from leaving the USA
7. …you mock or criticize men’s desire to travel to Brazil based on extremist politics/religion.
8. …you post material that is more divisive to the African diaspora rather than unifying
…any other miscellaneous posts that members find offensive or derogatory
(Please Report to GROUP ADMINS: Charles Tyler, Dee Evine, Bayo Olorunto)