Agape International Spiritual Center

A place to hang for the many visitors both in person and via the web to Agape, based in Culver City, California and also on the web. If you live in town, come on by and enjoy the fellowship. Serve with a ministry, and/or take a class at Agape University which is highly recommended!!

Feel free to share your love, your learning, your Agape related images. Please do not abuse this group or the members, you will be removed. There is also no promotion or sharing of your own or other events, links, websites, fan pages, products, programs, etc., Particularly as noted below. PLEASE READ...

From Agape:

Hello Beloveds,

It seems that lately there have been a number of people posting to the Agape International Spiritual Center wall who have forgotten about the deep level of excellence that we are committed to expressing here.

IMPORTANT: About posting to the Agape International Spiritual Center Wall:

Our page is for sharing your experiences and insights about Agape, Reverend Michael, Rickie and the Agape Choir.

It is a group where you can post prayer requests, and share your personal triumphs, and we want your comments and insights that Agape has brought forward in your life. We want you to be the Delightful Expressions of God that only YOU are.


We're a 501(c)(3), so we cannot endorse or oppose any candidates for public office. We will delete any posts and remove from the group anyone we see advocating for or against political candidates OR advocating any political causes, opinions or that is political in nature.

Also, (and this is VERY important) we will DELETE anything and REMOVE the group anyone promoting or advertising personal websites (their own or someone else's), fan pages, commercial products or causes, You Tubes, pictures, or anything that is completely unrelated to Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City or links that direct to any website, or FB page other than Agape International Spiritual Center and/or

IF you have a You Tube that is ON the Website, please link to the Website page where your information sits. If you link to your own personal You Tube page the link will be deleted. The same is true for websites, books, seminars and the like. IF you are promoting your appearance at Agape, link only TO the website.

We appreciate your Consciousness of Excellence in respecting these guidelines. Please continue to enjoy the wonderful insights and revelations that our fans and members express, and realize the Abundant Nature of the Universe and Plentitude flows through each and every one of you!!

Peace and Abundant Blessings from the Agape International Spiritual Center!!!