This is the PRIVATE Forum. This is a Closed Group Forum for Discussion of any topic related to Alcoholism, Addiction, and Recovery from Alcoholism. This includes everyone affected by alcohol, the drinker, the spouse, siblings, significant other and adult child of an alcoholic. Please read the rules ...... thank you.
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There are only three firm rules in the Forum : And One Absolute Rule.

1) What you Read here, stays Here and is not posted anywhere else on Facebook. The Names of the Group Members you see here stay here also and do not appear in a post on Facebook. All this goes without saying.

The rest ...

• Everyone in the group is to be treated with respect and courtesy. This is a place where everyone should feel comfortable sharing their personal issues, problems and concerns, and be able to discuss them in a safe and friendly environment. Tough Love is one thing to try and challenge someone - but - negative comments, any insults and back and forth arguing will have no place here. If anyone is being offensive in the forum, please message two of the admins.

• Religion and politics are two things I think we should keep out of the forum. Please join a political or religious group to discuss those matters.
That is not to say we can't discuss a Higher Power or God in the context of Recovery.

• We are a group that is 70% women. Please refrain from using profanity or posting any form of sexually suggestive images, out of respect and consideration for all of us using the forum as a tool to maintain our sobriety and sanity.

To contact the admin:

• If you believe a post is spam, violates the morality or spirit of the forum, or is otherwise offensive, please report it using the dropdown in its upper right corner. An Admin will review the post asap and remove it if the admin concludes as you did that the post is inappropriate and unacceptable.

• If you have concerns about the way someone is commenting on a post, please report the post and send us a message with a brief explanation.

• If your post is removed and you don't know why, please drop us a note and we will clarify. Ask us, don't ask the group. Right now we do not have a list of do's and don'ts but please use common sense.
Please refrain from posting picture slogans from other pages. If exceptional give it a go.. We would like the forum to be primarily discussion. But there is always room for photos ( Day 1 at rehab - Day 28 at rehab ), or the occasional slogan poster to give us some color on the page.
If an Admin deletes your post or comment - we will have a reason and you will probably know without us telling you. We are all smart here. If you want an explanation - please message Thomas Gillis / Group Admin