Alexa Believers

"Group of ardent supporters who solemnly believe, endlessly love & passionately admire Alexandra Ilacad. We vowed to stay with her through thick and thin."


Please be guided about the rules in posting here in our group:

1.No flooding, make sense in posting and please no jeje posts.
2.We're not depriving you to post NLex photos but please know how to prioritize our princess.
3.No plugging of personal accounts or anything that is not related with Alexa.
4.No foul words and no starting of fights.
5.Refrain from reposting a post, if someone posted it then don't post it again.
6.Don't repost hate messages from bashers, Alexa might read it. Report it directly to the admins thru personal message.
7.Please be active, like and comment everytime there's a new post, most specially if it is important and the admins posted it.
8.Last and definitely not the least enjoy posting and be friendly!

Mas maganda at mas malinis po tignan ang group kapag organize. Thank you! :)